Proposed Topic for Side-Event at COP24, Thai Pavilion, Poland

Side Event Title: Youth Empowerment for Enhancing Climate Change Awareness
Responsible person/Org: Thailand Research Fund
Format of the side event: Talking and Sharing, Video presentation, Panel Discussion with Relevant Stakeholder/ Key Partners
Duration: 1.30 hours


TRF has been taking a main role as a catalyst for change as in our mission that knowledge is the key that unlocks all the doors. Research is therefore very important as it can make significantly impacts on people and societies. From our role, we granted a project of the Development of Youth Learning Process on Climate Change Leading to Youth Awareness Networking to develop a process to empower youth on climate change issue to become leader on social movement. The youth representatives from the development program will join the COP24. He serves as youth representative of Thailand. This project is in collaboration with Department of Environmental Quality Promotion (DEQP). This panel discussion platform aims to share the experiences of youth empowerment on climate change projects from each organization and share various experiences and prospectives on youth empowerment in the future.

Proposed speakers/panelist

Moderator: –

Keynote speakers: –

Speakers: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chanathip Pharino, Director of Public Well-Being Division, TRF; Delegate from DEQP; Delegate from EGAT; Thailand representative youth

Topics for discussion

– Lesson learned from the empowerment youth projects.
– How to move forward the efforts on youth empowerment?
– Thailand youth representative shares experience and ideas after joined the project and what will do as leader youth awareness.
– How do we drive the climate change awareness through youth empowerment process?

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Proposed Topic

Youth Empowerment for Enhancing Climate

Speakers’ CV

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