SEP for Sustainable Development

Proposed Topic for Side-Event at COP24, Thai Pavilion, Poland

Side Event Title: Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for Sustainable Development
Responsible person/Org: Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (HAII) and Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation
Format of the side event: VDO + Presentation
Duration: 90 mins


Sufficiency Economy Philosophy or SEP is one of the greatest gifts that His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the Late King, bestowed upon Thai people as a guideline for people-centered development approach. Enormous projects and initiatives have been continuously borne out under SEP for the betterment of the nation. All Thais have striven to apply the philosophical framework of SEP in every aspect of our lives ever since. Under His Majesty’s tutelage, Thailand steadily grew from an underdeveloped country to a middle-income country with more than 67 million people and the second largest economy in the ASEAN Community.

Royal Rainmaking is one of His Majesty the King’s initiative projects derived from his concern over the poverty of his people, particularly those who repeatedly face drought resulting from variation and deviation of the seasons. Department of Royal Rainmaking and agricultural aviation (DRRAA), Ministry of Agricultural and cooperatives, Thailand, is the organization in charge of operating Royal Rainmaking to increase water in agricultural land, forests, reservoirs, including other areas where rain is needed to reduce natural disaster. Moreover, DRRAA has collaborative projects to improve water resources management in order to increase humidity which is an important factor in rainmaking operation to be successful.

Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute or HAII, Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand, is one of the organizations established under His Majesty’s initiative to develop a coherent plan to improve water resource management in Thailand. Science and Technology plays important role to integrate data, analyze information, and summarize plan to solve national problem on natural water resources management, especially on Community Water Resource Management (CWRM). HAII has currently expanded the initiative to cover more than 60 good practices, 1,400 villages in Thailand.

On the international level, we, Thailand, can continuously and actively promote SEP to the world as our valuable contribution to the principles and practice of sustainable development. Thailand is ready to share our experiences and practices of SEP as a growth and development model to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Proposed speakers/panelist

Moderator: Ms. Pakarat Danusatianpong, Director of Community Water Resource Management Division HAII

Speakers: Dr. Royboon Rassameethes, Deputy Director of HAII, Mr. Pakdee Chantraket, Specialist in Royal Rainmaking Technology

Topics for discussion

  • SEP
  • The key principle of SEP to SDGs
  • Good practices of SEP to SDGs approaches in Thailand and possibility of international collaboration

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Proposed Topic

  1. DRRNA and HAII-11 morning-SEP for SD
  2. Proposed Topic for Side-Event-SEP2SDGs-FINAL

Speakers’ CV

  1. Pakdee Chantraket
  2. Royboon Rassameethes

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