South-South technology transfer

Proposed Topic for Side-Event at COP24, Thai Pavilion, Poland

Side Event Title: South-South technology transfer for energy access in Clean cooking: Success story Poznan Strategy for Technology Transfer
Responsible person/Org: UNIDO
Format of the side event: Panel discussion
Duration: 2 hours
Date of Presentation: On 7 December 2018 at 10.00am-12.00am.

Panel discussion:

Moderator: Ms. Alla METELITSA, UNIDO
Keynote speakers: UNIDO
1. Dr. Akio Takemoto: Senior Environmental Specialist, Programs Unit, GEF
2. Dr. Veara LOHA: King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), THAILAND
3. Dr. Pipat WEERATHAWORN: The National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, THAILAND
4. Paul Harris, UNIDO Expert


The GEF implemented the Poznan strategy for technology transfer during its GEF 4 cycle. Government of Thailand executed a project entitled “Overcoming policy, market and technological barriers to support technological innovation and South-South technology transfer”. An innovative technology for production of bioethanol from Cassava and micro distilleries has been perfected and transferred to neighbouring countries (Lao PDR and Vietnam) by Thailand. This experience has tremendous implications in fast tracking attainment of SDG goal 7: universal energy access in the area of clean cooking. This side event is to share the experiences of innovative technologies and south-south technology transfer which can be replicated in several countries where traditional cooking fuels are still used for cooking.

Key questions:

1. What are the key aspects of the technology?
2. What are the barriers faced in transferring the technology to other developing countries?
3. What is the importance of cassava (or other agro produces) as feedstock for ethanol production for cooking
4. What is the relevance of this experience for other developing countries where deforestation is a major issue?
5. Relevance of such projects in achieving SDG goals.

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Proposed Topic


Speakers’ CV

  1. Dr. Akio Takemoto
  3. Dr. Veara LOHA
  4. Paul Harris

File Presentation

  1. Bioethanol Project Tz COP 24 Side Event Presentation_Paul Harris
  2. Technology adaptation in Katowice COP24_Veara Loha
  3. Trends in global and regional policy, production UN_Dr. Pipat