Proposed Topic for Side-Event at COP24, Thai Pavilion, Poland

Side Event Title: OUR KHUNG BangKaChao: The Social Collaboration project towards Green Growth
Responsible person/Org: PTT PLC
Format of the side event: Keynote Speaker with Presentation
Duration: 1.30 Hrs


OUR Khung BangKachao project for the conservation and development of Khung BangKachao is driven by His Late Majesty’s wisdom, including his profound understanding of sustainable development and Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. Primarily focusing on community needs and involvement, the project requires the collaboration of every sector involved to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness by using a tool called Social Collaboration.

Khung BangKachao is a large green oasis on the periphery of Bangkok and one of the country’s most important oxygen producers. The area also has environmental, economic, tourism, social, and cultural significances. Unfortunately, Khung BangKachao is faced with threats of urbanization and environmental degradation. To protect it from further damage and to revive its biodiversity, the OUR Khung BangKachao project was conceived as a social collaboration among 34 leading organizations in Thailand (as of September 2018) with an emphasis on community involvement. The project endeavors to improve the Khung BangKachao quality of life and its economic growth based on the wisdom of His Late Majesty King Rama 9 and his Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

Proposed speakers/panelist

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Keynote speakers: Wanaprapa Karom

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